I became professional photographer in 2009, while on assignment for Banda Madrugada (video shooting their performance) at Faces Festival.  Esa Toppila, media coordinator of the festival and partner in the ZebraGalleria asked me on the spot to work for him and the festival. I had been part of the festival crew ever since.
Faces Festival brought a lot of further collaborations with other crew members, artists or visitors; Ilofestival and Turku pride for example.
I do studio shooting with portable equipment, or outdoor session.
As my roots lay in the festivals and live performances, i favour natural behaviour and little of posing. Shooting countless circus, dance or music performances and their audience. I love people natural and in movement rather than static.

My photos have been used in three books, An initiation to acrobatics :  Mikko Rinnevuori : Lattia-akrobatian perusteet, An initiation to handbalancing :  Mikko Rinnevuori : Käsin-seisonnan perusteet and a very different subject the first tantra book written in Finnish Shanti Limnell :Läsnäolon ja hyväksynnän kautta muutokseen

In the past few years, i have been doing more and more video works. Capturing performances, interviews or creating fictions and music videos. i can take care of cinematography (video shooting) and editing.
I also have few personal projects going on and i need models from time to time. It might be the reason why you ended up on this page, so if someone ask you in the street or festival if you want to do some shooting, check that the person who ask kind of look like the pictures and have a look at the portfolio. if you like what i do, then contact me and we can work with the trading system, your time as model for some professional shots.
If you have some projects i can collaborate, i would be happy to be contacted, keep in mind that i very rarely work for free.