Rakkautta&Anarkiaa (Love and anarchy)

THE film festival of Helsinki, of Finland.
I am part of the photographers team and i provide portraits of guests as well as pictures covering the general atmosphere of the festival.
my pictures can be found there

Natural High Healing Festival

Getting Naturally High!

Natural High Healing Festival is a substance-free festival. As a festival of creativity, freedom and heart awareness we are not political or bound to any religion. We are simply on a mission of Love – could there be anything better? 6.7.-9.7.2017.

The pictures will be online soon, either on their Facebook or their own website, in the meantime you can check

the 2017 shots 

the 2018 shots

Tanssi ARTissaani

tanssiARTesaani is a new dance group focusing on multimedia projects, contemporary dance, and physical theatre performances. Through the previous productions, under the name Boomtown Dance, where dance has met filmmakers, food artists, electronic musicians, orchestras, in every project tanssiARTesaani want to expand the working group with new artists and organizations.
Artistic Directors: Beniamino Borghi and Marttaleena Nikkari.

Tanssiteatteri Pinta

The dance company was created in 2012 by the Lohiniva's sisters.  The bozigle factory is doing about half of all the videos and photographic works for the dance company.  The factory also designed the entire new English website, so the Pinta company can be reached by non-Finnish speakers.  Videos ranging from the "koko suomi tanssi", and the 60seconds dance video contest have been made on irregulars bases, but the project "PINTA70" is having a complete series of little teasers, introducing members of the project.


From the Players for the players.
Ropecon is the European largest volunteer-run role-playing event, bringing together enthousiasts and professional of the field. The 2017's theme: Classics.
You can find my selection here.

Afrojazz club

Alvar, producer of the club almost gave me free will to produce video segments every other week for the duration of the club (4months). Interviewing the band, shooting and editing in record time. The complete video playlist is here

Faces festival

The beginning. The festival i had been visiting on countless time, until 2009 when i was hired on the spot. I had been part of the festival crew since then. I had been photographing performances on stage, workshops and the festival goers. Plenty of good looking happy hippies and weirdoes to take great shots of.
their website just been updated, so the pictures are visible on my flickr account

Turku pride

Someone (Maarit Myller) was quite happy with my work at Faces festival, and when she was called to organised the first Turku pride in 2013, she called upon me to join the team. I had been part of the crew since then.
My rôle is to take picture of he parade thru the city and the afterward picnic and later parties.
my pictures are visible on their website and on their Facebook page

Circus Helsinki

The best circus school in helsinki provides me with a lot of opportunities of great shots, They have several performances thou out the year, open stages with few artists coming. my pictures ca be found on their Facebook page or their website


shooting the open stage "Valentine's stage" 2017 see the pictures here

Helsinki Burlesque Festival

The Ancient art of Burlesque. These people really do not take themselves seriously. There is  an imaginary line between good taste and bad taste, politically correct and gratuitously provocative. Well i go with burlesque any time of the day, they are really fun people to be around, and they know how to put on a show to entertain every audience.

The pictures are not available yet, but i will put a link as soon as we get the authorization from the artists.

Tribal salon dance festival

Tribal dance come a long way from its roots of Belly dancing, although this is still a sub genre of the tribal dancing scene. I think this is very much an under-appreciated dance style. It has a flow and organic feeling to it that i very seldom see in other style. Tribal dancing also have a bit of reputation of "fat lady" belly dancing. It does have it, not denying it, but it also have some of the most fit dancers i have met, not slim but fit with really defined core muscles. I haven't seen any male dancers neither, but this is a rather common occurrence within the dance's world, hip-hop and break dance aside.

you can find many of my pictures on their facebook page:

or my personal selection of the Tribal Salon dance festival 2016 vol2


The love and anarchy festival has some documentaries in the program but docpoint is all about documentaries movies. i had been part of the crew since 2015. I take pictures of some guest and the general mood of the festival.
my pictures can be found from their webpage (link to their flickr account)

Docpoint 2017, you can find my participation on their facebook page and   this is my own selection

Wild heart tantra

Shanti linmell while visiting the faces festival, approached me with a project: she was writing the first Tantra book in finnish and she didn’t want illustrations but beautiful pictures.
my pictures can be found in the book : Tantra : Läsnäolon ja hyväksynnän kautta muutokseen

Cabaret for the day

A new performing group, mixing dancing, circus, physical performance was in need of some promotional material. My pictures are visible all over the website

Helsinki Pride

2019  Helsinki Pride was excellent and with over 100K people who came to the march,

Here are my pictures for the whole week

So this year 2017 was a blast again.

my picture can be found on the pride flickr's

And here is also my own selection for 2017

back in 2016...

I had been covering the Helsinki pride for several years, and 2016 is the year i am officially part of the photographic team.

Official pictures of the 2016, with plenty of mine (there is the watermark of the pride)
My pictures from the previous years are visible on my flickr account

And here is my personal selection


it is a non-governmental organization founded in 2003. Its aims are to promote intercultural dialogue as well as international and multicultural awareness in Finland. It is partnering with the afrojazzclub and and afrobeat from the heart musical.
I had been shooting during event workshop such as drum lesson and afrodance lesson.
my picture can be found here and here

Afrobeat From the heart: fela kuti musical

The musical has been going on for 3 years I had been shooting rehearsals and headshot of the whole cast and crew for promotional purpose and in order to make a printed program,s distributed before each performances.
the pictures are visible here and here

Helsinki zombiewalk

I am not sure if there is a official organisation, maybe not, maybe it is a good things that zombies don’t get organised, so i am not part of the official photo crew, 

2016 walk pictures here and you can still find my pictures of the event 2013 on my flickr account


One more person (Maarit Haataja) was really happy with my work at Faces Festival and when she decided to create her own festival, she call upon me to take pictures of the event. The festival only lasted 2 years but you can find the picture of the event on my flickr account here

Helsinki Samba carnival

I have interest in brasilia culture and the samba carnaval managed to bring the feeling of Brasil in the piece of iceberg once a year. you can find pictures of the dancer and musicians here on my flickr account

Cirko criollo : international clown festival

Once a year the red noses migrate toward Helsinki, this year the event had an exhibition with the pictures of the super talented photographer Alejandro "Alu" Lorenzo, performances , workshop and panel discussions. I cover most of the event (but still have no idea where the pictures are) but here is my own selection pictures from the festival 2016 and here are the pictures from the 2017 opening.

Night visions

The fanstastic/horror/scifi film festival of Helsinki.
I just got in the photographic team and it requires… a full night of weird movies, exactly the movies i tend to watch anyway. the night is long but there is also meeting of the canibal holocaust movie's director.
My pictures can be seen here
and here is my own selection

Creative mornings helsinki

One morning i received a phone call: emergency, the usual photographer of the even cannot make it, could i be there the next day morning… 
the pictures are visible here

Teatteri toivo

taking pictures of the production Mayday cabaret, here