Web sites & designs

When not taking pictures or videos, i also design web sites. using wordpress for people to easily update themselves or completely custom in html5/css3 javascript. The prices obviously depend of what the website need to be, complex or simple pages, but a good example is this bozigle factory would cost about 500€.
other design with a bit of photoshop , poster, photography manipulation and logo.

TanssiARTesaani site 2019

Tanssiteatteri Pinta english site 2018

Bozigle Factory 2016

  • WordPress child theme with few specific plugins. Online.



Rosa & Bambú duo 2017


Cabaret for the day 2016


Teatteri toivo 2015

  • WordPress child theme. the theatre went for an other designer so is only the prototype. there are link to their actual current website so you can compare with my work.

Bozigle Factory 2012

Suvi Autio








Afro dance lessons

Photoshop design for dance teacher's lessons

Red & Bambú

Photoshop design to promote the duo acrobatic Red&Bambú for their performance at the Kosmos festival 2016.

Photography by Joona Lehtinen

Cabaret for the day : dumbs way to dance

Photoshop design to promote the performance of Cabaret for the day: Dumbs ways to dance

Photoshop manipulation

Giving more grunge and cinematographic look to pictures.

Afrobeat from the heart

Program for the musical Afrobeat from the heart