Tanssiteatteri PINTA : “Après moi le déluge” (WIP name: PINTA 70)

Tanssiteatteri Pinta : “Après moi le déluge” (WIP name: PINTA 70)

The newest Creation of the dance theatre is called "Après moi le déluge" (WIP name: PINTA 70),

All the videos are accessible from this playlist:

Afrojazz club interviews

Afrojazz club

The multitalented Alvar Gullichsen, producer of the Afrojazzclub in Storyville, gave me the task to bring short segments presenting each band.
This result in 12 videos, about 2minutes longs each, produced every other week.
Cinematography, Editing, and interview.
All the videos are found on that playlist

Music videos

Pearls for dinner : Mary’s blues

Collaboration with Maria Blom for the Helsinki folk band: Pearls for dinner.
Cinematography and collaborative editing with the director Maria Blom.

Short movies

Light clothing

60seconds dance 2019
entering the short dance movie competition
Directing, cinematography, performing and editing.


60seconds dance 2018
entering the short dance movie competition
Cinematography and editing.

Light as a feather

60seconds dance 2017 
entering the short dance movie competition
Directing, Cinematography and editing .


IlleGal : Huomen

No sleep for 48hours. The film competition give us the genre and few elements to insert in our movie and over an hundred film crews have to deliver a movie in the next 48hours.
An other collaboration with Maria Blom and Nella.
Cinematography and collaborative editing with the director Maria Blom.


the Glance

The first collaboration with Maria Blom and Nella.
The short movie is directed by Celso de la Molina
Cinematography and collaborative editing with Maria Blom.


Bambú 2017 showreel

Bambú , the multitalented performing artist (that's me yes) is back for his 2017 showreel from operas performance, circus and music video, oh and a short movie with Nella.


Rosa & Bambú duo showreel

Rosa & Bambú Duo is going public  with their partnering skills covering circus and dancing,  they are available for performances or training.

Bambú 2016 showreel

The multitalented Bambú (it me) is showing off his performing skills in case you are looking to hire him for a performance or trainings.


Aleksi Koskelin : Movement workshop

Aleksi is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and he focus on what is called movement culture. This is just a glimpse of what his workshop was.
Cinematography and editing.



NoCore a workshop organized by Beniamino Borghi, with Zodiak and Teatteri Raatiko, resulting in a performance after 5 days.
Editing and some cinematography.

Uneksivat Puut

Uneksivat Puut August 2017, physical performance with a touch of horror in the forest of Helsinki, this is based on a comics book.
cinematography and editing

Tanssiteatteri Pinta: Heikko Signaali

Finnish Dance Theater company Pinta, performing  Weak Signal at turbini salli in may 2017

Cirko criollo- the flea circus .

The Flea Circus is an intimate scene where two clowns prepare their beloved fleas for a new performance. The play is a celebration of friendship through tragedy and comedy!
Cinematography and editing.

Raksa trailer

Raksa. a physical performance on construction site.
Cinematography and editing.

Il returno d’Ulisse opera

Opera's performance at the Helsinki's konservatorio.

Afrojazz club trailer

The Afrojazz club is running 10 times from January 2016 till May 2016. this is just a little promotion clip.
Cinematography and editing.


Teatteri toivo : ender’s game teaser

Teasing the audience for the performance of Ender’s game by the theater teatteri toivo in the fall 2014.

Afrobeat from the heart teaser

Trailer for the 3rd year of Afrobeat from the heart musical, directed by Hossni Boudali.


Kahdonnut Tähti

Luonto-liitto and environment organisation produced a little videos for workshop given to schools.