Kokko1721 residency & More

Could an artist jump from one residency to the next?

This was reason number one to visit Kokko1721 residency, 2 dancers whom have left city life behind and moved to an 300 years old farm (soon 300 years). The Kokko1721 have been offering residency for artists, not that different from Osteria Mediterranea by TanssiARTesaani. The idea would be to create a network of residencies. Let’s see during the next round of Osteria Mediterranea if the invited artist feel compelled to continue in Kokko1721.
The second reason to head in the middle of winter was to discuss the upcoming 300 years celebration of the farm. A performance with a strong rural feeling is to take place in the summer 2021. The performance will take place in the field next to the farm. TanssiARTesaani’s role is to create a film of the celebration. Everything up to this point is very vague, we have 1,5 years to figure out , and then more editing to come. Really nice people and awesome location. Stay tune till 2021.


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