TanssiARTesaani is a new dance group based in Loviisa (Finland) focused on multimedia projects, contemporary dance and physical theatre performances, participatory events, performing art and installations, site-specific happenings, educational activities, workshops, art residency, and festival curations.


The dance group is under the homonymous cultural association Tanssiartesaani ry. who co-produces and partly manage the productions and the events organized by Beniamino Borghi and the dance group.


Mission – touching with stories

The aim of tanssiARTesaani dance group is to bring contemporary dance and performative arts to a wider audience and stimulate them with interactions and active reactions. 

The artistic goal is to tell stories through artistic projects that combine different media and the collaboration with different artists, able to touch the sensitivity of the spectators. 

The association is supporting each production ensuring the collaborations with other organizations and professional artists and helping to create projects for and with novice artists and amateurs.


Vision – multi-language projects

Contemporary dance, unfortunately, has a marginal role among the arts field, as it is considered too elitist and not understandable. 

TanssiARTesaani wants to bring back the audience to enjoy and to comprehend dance performances and to get involved from the related stories.

To accomplish this vision, tanssiARTesaani wants to merge in its projects contemporary dance techniques with more approachable languages from films, theatre and even culinary.



  • To express personal feelings
  • Learning together
  • Commitment in the projects
  • To listen and giving feedback
  • Safe space for any gender, origin, age, and faith



Beniamino Borghi

Choreographer, director, dancer, performer, teacher

Beni, immigrated to Finland and settled in Loviisa where he teaches dance and creates performances.  The mastermind behind tanssiARTesaani, he split his time between emotional performance creations and a deep love for people and his little adopted city, Loviisa.

More about Beniamino

Marttaleena Nikkari

Dancer, performer, teacher and long time collaborator of Beni’s various projects. She is either taking part in the performances or bringing an unfilter critisim to beni’s work in progress.



Freelance performer (dance and circus), photographer and videographer. Bambú join the group with the performance Suomikuvia and did not look back ever since. More info on his personal website



TanssiARTesaani receives regular support from Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre, Zodiak, Taike, Helsinki Pride yhteisö, SKR Uusimaa. We appreciate their help, without which it would not be possible to continue to create performances. Thank you to all the benevolent maecēnās.

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