Beniamino Borghi

Physical creations

Best described as a creator. Beni use dance and theater, big classical orchestra and minimalist solo artist, concert hall and staircase of a museum. Beni has made some very ambitious project such as his love declaration for his adopted country “Suomikuvia” a performance for 5 professional dancers, well thought choreographies and a full classical orchestra. At the other hand of the spectrum Beni can use improvisation and a bunch of clothes in the middle of the welcoming church. Several of the performances are base on exchange between performers and the subject he want to deals at the time of creation. The NoCore projects are workshops climaxing in emotional and meaningful performances. He has a talent to get the best of most performers in a very short time.

Visual artist

Leaving his native Italy, Beni left his job as a video editor for a tv channel. However storytelling on screen is still very much a major interest. he volunteer as a photographer and video grapher of the festival

Loikka .

Beni gradualy took more responsibilities. becoming part of the selection judge for the showing films. for the festival as well as the finnish take on the 60seconds dance film. Beni keeps several workshops where he leads people and kids to created they own dance film.


The adopted residence is rather important to Beni. His dance teaching is mostly done in this little town but he involves himself in more creative ways as well. Collaboration with the local museum and church leads to multiple performances adapted for events and specific locations. He is taking part of event such as the Visit the historical houses of Loviisa. An other project is


A festival of many events per years, all related to the word “Trans”, as in transformation, transport, transition… The festival is an opportunity for painters, poets, dancers to tacle the subject.

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