Dance Films

The company members have been making movies for various projects and for different companies: short movies, trailers, documentaries. Most of the previous work is related to dance, but not all. Beniamino has cooperated with Loikka Dance Film Festival as coordinator since 2012.

TanssiARTesaani, creates video documentation of stage performances and organizes workshops with the aim of producing short dance films. 

During the workshop tanssiARTesaani create a sense of community guiding the participants to explore their ideas and to enrich their skills towards an expressive multimedia result.

TanssiARTessani is going with the attitude of “Gun for hire” and create videos for other companies.


Uneton48 (sleepless48) is a film competition that takes place over a weekend, 48hours to be accurate. The teams, received their movie genre and 3 elements to be integrated to the final film. A less than 7minutes film is to be delivered before the 48hours countdown. The 2019 theme for TanssiARTesaani is “Silence” and the elements are “a drawing”, “own poem”.


Cycles per second

Video documentation of the group piece by Helsinki based dance artist Linda Priha having its premiere at Kutomo on 15 May 2012.

cycles per second is a performance about our momentary vibration on earth. It researches shake and vibration as physical and sonic acts, as a psychological phenomenon and as events related to the cycle of life and death.


Koko Suomi tanssii

In 2017, to celebrate Finland 100 years, Finnish companies and associations challenge each other thru the of making a dance video (including learning one of the designed Choreography).


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