What does 100-year-old Finland look and sound like to international eyes and ears? The Lapland Chamber Orchestra is heading to the autumn to celebrate Finland’s independence year. The visual concert “ Suomikuvia – Dance and Music Story ” is part of the Suomi100 series. The concert features pearls of Finnish music and five dancers depicting Finland, its culture, society, the arts, nature and history. 

The concert will be conducted by Tomas Djupsjöbacka . Dance choreography and production is the responsibility of dancer-choreographer Beniamino Borghi . Boomtown DanceThe group’s five dancers Maija Hänninen, Elina Hauta-aho, Sibiry Konaté, Xavier Bambú Locquet Vandenberghe and Taru Miettinen take over the Korundi stage with music played by the Lapland Chamber Orchestra. Linda Suolahti, the 2nd Concert Master of the Chamber Orchestra, is the violin soloist in Ernst Mielck’s closing concert.

The cellist Tomas Djupsjöbacka is known for his as a founding member of the renowned Meta4 String Quartet, which has gained international and international success. He is also the only Finnish member of the European Chamber Orchestra. Djupsjöbacka has collaborated with experts in various fields of art. In Helsinki Festival projects. Beniamino Borghi is a Milan-based dancer, choreographer and media artist. He is versatile in dance from ballet to contemporary jazz and steppe to contemporary dance. Borghi has worked as a dance teacher and choreographer at several schools in Finland and abroad. Founded in 2013, Boomtown Dance is an artist collective. 

Suomikuvia will be shown in Korund on Thursday 31st August. and Friday 1.9.

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