Après moi, le déluge


Dance Theatre PINTA has been building the next big piece over one year now. It’s been thinking, creating, testing, modifying and testing again.

Work name has been PINTA70. PINTA70 came from different elements. The share of groundwater in all world water resources is about 0.68%. The newborn child has water up to 70-85% of the body weight. In adults, the amount of water is about 50-70%.

So, we saw this number 70 in many water contexts.

During the summer I read a book Marx ja ekologia out of curiosity. There we came across the expression “Après moi, le déluge”. Time passed and we kept on practicing PINTA70.

Last week we talked about name again and Bambú mentioned this expression and that this was something he was thinking time to time. I was excited this idea immediately and voilà, we have the name for the piece!

I am happy to tell you that from now on we call our next piece “Après moi, le déluge“.

Photo Sanna Breilin