Après moi, le déluge.

Working title : PINTA70

Première: Finland Winter 2019

Call me cynical, but the good old days are just bollocks. There was never good old days - only the unreliable memory of people.

My mom told me how Finnish summers were hot and enjoyable and how winters were cold and snowy, so much she had a hard time walking to school in this half meter deep snow. Listening to her I was half expecting she had to fight dinosaurs on her way to the shop. The truth: her father was giving her ride to school in their hybrid car. She hardly had to walk, let alone in meters of snow. There was never good old days, only bad memory.

My mom told me that in the good old days, there was plenty of fishes in the sea. Hah! There was supposed to be none left 2 years ago in the ocean, and there are - still! Ok, they are full of plastic, but still, there they are.
Who cares, it is not that we are eating them anymore. Most people have gone vegetarian or are eating the meat and fish coming from factories. Who need fish and fishermen when you can grow fish fillets without fishbones?

My mom told me that in the good old days she could go to the beach and swim without all the algae and plastic bags floating. You know what mom, now we get huge storms. Level of water is so high that we have suddenly lakes in the middle of the city where we can swim and play. Yes, I know this is a bit of "Reductio ad absurdum", the storms are not always fun, but this is not as if many people get killed because of it...

My mom told me that in the good old days, poor people around the world were not forced to leave their submerged home and could feed their family with fishing. This is not my fault if there are 9 billion people and if most of them are being poor. I was born in Finland and I don't have to feel guilty about it. Yes, I can stay home and watch movies on my UHD screen if it is raining like hell outside. I don't have to always feel bad about poor people dying on the other side of the world. This is not my fault.
And, you know mom, in the good old day, people were dying all the time too. Slavery and sweatshops are not too long ago. So much for your good old days, mom.

But enough of that, tonight we party! This will be 2050 at midnight. I am going to dance, drink and get laid and you know what mom? In 20 years from now, I will probably bug my kids with tonight being "The good old days".

Choreographer and director: Rosa Lohiniva.
Choreographer assistant: Bambú.
Original cast: Bambú, Rosa Lohiniva, Mika Palmu.
Original composition by Samu Kontturi
Costumes: Sara Lohiniva, Make up: Venla Takkinen

This performance would never have been possible without the help and residencies of Riveria Outokumpu, TREenit! ry, Community Centers of Helsinki City and Parkour and Circus Academy.

Picture by Heikki Mitikka.

Après moi, le déluge.