Pirate & Fairy

Original title : Pirate & Fairy

Première : Finland Fall 2018
This is a series of short performances with the two characters, a pirate and a fairy. The performances are mostly hand to hand (pair acro) with a bit of dancing and physical performance. The performances are aimed at the family and remain on the entertaining side. These are created for the possibility to be performed in malls and public space, without the logistic of a stage or theatre. If we can play music, we can probably perform one of the segments of the pirate and fairy.
Sobering up:
Pirates are well known for their love of rum. A fairy shows to him that there are more interesting and exciting things to do than just getting drunk.
Choreographer and director : Bambú.
Original cast : Bambú and Rosa Lohiniva.
Music by The Kingston Trio, Pentatonix and Katzenjammer.

Pirate & fairy: sobering up