Weak Signal

Original title : Heikko Signaali

Première : Finland spring 2017

Weak Signal is a dance theatre piece about communication and it’s difficulties, encountering and ignoring. It is dealing with social miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Combined arts of modern dance, acrobatics and elements of theatre. One actor and seven dancers and circus artists share the stage and go thru the consequences of their inability to clearly communicate with each other.

Choreographer and director : Rosa Lohiniva.
Original cast : Bambú, Ari Ekola, Heini Kiuru, Rosa Lohiniva, Antti Muranen, Mika Palmu, Jenna Pietiläinen and Isa Pelto.
Original light cast : Bambú, Rosa Lohiniva and Mika Palmu.
Music by Adèle, Chisu, Gnash, Cloves and "A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera".

Weak Signal full version

Weak Signal light version