The company

The company is committed to social and environmental issues straight from the beginning.
Rosa and Sara Lohiniva created the company in 2012 with a concept of accountability. Most of the annual performances are themed with social issues (such as relationships between people and environmental related stories). A practical decision for Pinta’s environmentally friendly approach is to use recycled materials for the costumes and props. This quickly led the company partnering with Kierrätyskeskus, Reuse Centre in Finland.
The Pieces "The Blame" and "NEMO" were invited to India Theatre Olympiad and International Theatre Festival in 2015 and 2016. Both pieces were rewarded with Plague of Honour.
Dance Theatre PINTA has been co-operating with Helsinki University and Lasten Joulurieha, Christmas event aimed at the young audience.
The company produces up to two performances per year.


Joni Niskasaari

Funding member.





Anu Hepo-oja

Make-up artist and hair dresser.

Antti Muranen


Annina Tammi


Noora Kaijanen



Kimmo Alakunnas, Sanna Breilin, Satu Ekman, Ville Hatanpää, Iiris Heinonen, Milla Hilke, Laura Humppila, Hanna Kauppi, Kati Kimanen, Samu Kontturi, Jemina Lehto, Xavier "Bambú" Locquet Vandenberghe, Heikki Mitikka, Isa Pelto, Camilla Pönkkä, Tommi Rosnell, Petri Rovio, Alina Tuomisto, Emilia Tuovila and Niklas Väyliö.

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