photo by Bambú

Xavier Bambú Locquet Vandenberghe
Studies physical theatre (Helsinki)
Bambú joined the company for the performance "Weak Signal". He then went on to collaborate with Rosa on the projects and choreographies of "PINTA70" and "Pirate and Fairy".
Bambú has an impressive number of projects under his belt as a dancer. To name a few, Suomikuvia, Mtk100 and Fela Kuti Musical for three years. He has been in four operas as a background performer/dancer and in few music videos. Bambú even ventured into directing a cabaret, on his own terms.
He has been trained as a ballet, contemporary, character dancer, partnering, capoeirista, hand to hand, floor acrobatics, hand balancing, juggling and physical performance from the circus side.
You can check his latest showreel here.
On the very different side, Bambú is also a filmmaker (cinematographer and editor), photographer and website designer, all of which are being used for the company Pinta's best interests. This very website and the numerous PINTA70 introduction videos are good examples of his work.
You can check his website here

photo by Sanna Breilin

photo by Bambú

photo by Heikki Mitikka