Jenna Pietiläinen

photo by Kalle-Pekka Keränen

Bachelor in Dance (Helsinki)
Jenna is a creative artist. She has danced over 15 years in different styles, from disco dance to a contemporary dance. Jenna has competed in Show dance SM-championship more than once, with a group and solo choreography.

She studied to become a professional dancer (mostly contemporary dance) in Keskuspuiston Ammattiopisto (nowadays Vocational School Live), and since graduation, she has been in a couple of productions, including Tanssiteatteri Pinta’s “Weak Signal”. She has also worked as an assistant teacher.

Jenna is very open-minded, flexible, motivated, precise and conscientious, and she has a catchy laugh. She has a creativity with her own choreographies, and she also learns new ones immediately and helps others to learn it too.

Creativity is shown also in other art too. Jenna is doing some handcrafted woodwork, and she is also working as a supervisor in a carpentry workshop.

photo by Sanna Breilin

photo by Sanna Breilin

photo by Kalle-Pekka Keränen